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We are energy & maintenance management company located in Tripoli - Lebanon. Our main mission is managing properties’ energy & maintenance to have a safe, efficient and Eco-friendly environment by integrating best practices and suitable technologies.


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We believe that every organization has social & economic responsibilities. An organization must earn benefit for all its stakeholders within the confines of the law. Ethics is a crucial component of individual and group behaviors at the heart of the organization's responsibilities. In fact, adhering to ethical & compliance programs is the core motivator for continuous growth and sustainability of every organization, by ensuring fair business opportunities in an ethical environment and culture. Go green, that adheres to HSE enhanced requirements, is a must to a stable society.



Our Mission:


Assists organizations and individuals to improve their performance through the auditing, evaluation, and analysis of the existing organizational system, performance, and problems; guiding to the development of plans for improvement; training to improve competency skills & ethics with compliance to organizational, ethical, and governmental requirements. Using information technology to make the administration of accounts & financial services easy, simple, reliable, timely and more efficient. While encouraging the society to go green.


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